Onboarding Welcome Kit

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Kit (10 Pens, 10 Notebooks, 10 Cards) +$49.95 Kit (10 Pens, 10 Notebooks, 10 Cards) +$49.95
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Card 3x3 (1) +$0.45 Card 3x3 (1) +$0.45
Cooler Tote (Info Below) +$19.95 Cooler Tote (Info Below) +$19.95
Lunch Bag (Info Below) +$14.95 Lunch Bag (Info Below) +$14.95
Welcome Card - 6.25 x 4.5 (1) +$0.97 Welcome Card - 6.25 x 4.5 (1) +$0.97
Welcome Card - 6.25 x 4.5 - 50 Pack +$48.50 Welcome Card - 6.25 x 4.5 - 50 Pack +$48.50

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Welcome to Jefferson Health!

Departmental Onboarding Welcome Kit
& Checklist Template

Being new at a job can be intimidating. Studies show one of the best ways to retain new employees is to make them feel welcome and comfortable on their first day. Human Resources has selected products you can order to help with the onboarding process.

  • Send your new hire a Welcome Email! Remind him or her where to meet, the dress code, if there is a lunch room/refrigerator, lockers for personal items, etc.
  • Have Departmental Onboarding Welcome Kits on hand.
  • Review the onboarding checklist with your new hire.
  • Assign a department “mentor/buddy” who will put him or her at ease during those first few weeks.
  • Within the first 30 days, gather your staff and the new employee for a welcome breakfast, lunch, or dessert. It can be simple but some kind of food and/or beverages should be part of it. This is the perfect time to give the new hire a welcome card with co-workers’ signatures.

If you have any questions or concerns, call your HR Business Partner:

Jen Knopple (Cherry Hill) – Jennifer.Knopple@jefferson.edu

Heather Lindstrom (Stratford) – Heather.Lindstrom@jefferson.edu

Kimberly Turner (Washington Township) – Kimberly.Turner3@jefferson.edu

Brittany Burger (Washington Township) - Brittany.Burger@jefferson.edu

Product Descriptions:

1.  Notebook - 5x7 inches. Plastic covers. 70 pages of lined note paper.

2.  Pen - Click style ball point pen with black ink and touch stylus.

3.  Card - 3x3 inches square. Writable on the inside. Comes with white envelope.

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