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Website Design for Jacob and Chairello in Millville, New Jersey

We would like to thank Fred Jacob for allowing us the opportunity to redesign the Jacob and Chiarello website. Mr. Jacob has been practicing law in the Cumberland County, New Jersey area for over 40 years. If you need legal services related to Elder Law, Medicaid Planning, Wills, Trusts, and Estates certainly contact Fred Jacob.  We would also like to thank Bohdan Zachariasevych for all his efforts in assisting with the web redesign process. Bohdan specializes in divorce mediation and should you need divorce mediation legal services you will be in good hands by contacting him. 

About the Project

Jacob and Chiarello's website was way ahead of it's time when web development was the up and coming thing. In fact, Bohdan, the attorney mentioned above, was the creator of their first website. The fact that he was an attorney and a web developer during the early days of the world wide web is quite impressive. He is without a doubt a very intelligent guy.

Over the years web technology changed and the site started to get dated. We decided to do a complete redesign to bring it current. The website is mobile responsive so it adapts to the user's device. Best practices for Search Engine Optimization were implemented and we installed Google Analytics to monitor website traffic. We developed a simple contact form for prospective clients. There are also a few features that are installed, but currently not activated, including a legal blog and a real time chat system that allows office staff to chat with website visitors.

Client website:

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Before: home page

After: home page

After: history page

After: bio page